Noah Jon Street was born in 1971 and grew up near Maumee Ohio in an old three-story house on the river, there were always plenty of things to explore and discover. From the fort in the trees to the old tunnel by the car wreck. This initiated a lifelong fascination with discovering new hidden things in the natural world. After graduating from Butera School of Art in Boston, he worked as a commercial artist for almost 20 years.

Finally returning to his roots of fine art and ceramics after decades of successful design work was like seeing a long-lost tree after 30 years. Quietly knowing the stories it could tell. With a keen eye for balance and an intuitive sense of harmony and color. “Every piece is from an experience in my life telling a story, like riding to work in a friend’s 1956 Porsche 365, or a tree that once held a swing so high, It gave me dreams that I could fly.”